Genuine Microsoft Software Ransomware Removal Guide

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The Genuine Microsoft Software warning is a screen locker virus categorized as ransomware. It locks the PC by displaying messages that would present it as legitimate software. With similar characteristics as some of the other popular ransomware, messages are displayed to accuse the victim of using a counterfeit copy of a Windows operating system.

You will be prompted to pay a total of $4. Once you agree to pay, you will be redirected to malicious websites which in turn demand a payment of $49.99. Credit cards used to make the payments will be registered for use by remote hackers.

A look at the message:

“Genuine Microsoft Software
you may be a victim of software counterfeiting To use all Microsoft Windows features
such as all updates from Windows Update get the latest updates and receive product support
your copy of Microsoft Windows must be validated as genuine
Windows Pro Ready for business With Windows Pro, you get everything in Windows, plus enhanced in Windows, plus enhanced features, that help you easily connect to company networks, access files on the  go, encrypt your data, and more.
Microsoft Store.

4$ Order now!”

Just like other ransomware viruses like FBI Virus and Politie Nederland virus, the Genuine Microsoft Software virus uses the same tactics to force money out of the victim and the Windows logo displayed makes it almost impossible to suspect this as a virus. Evidently, The Genuine Microsoft Software virus is a scam which locks the PC in a bid to embezzle funds.

Free your PC as soon as this virus enters by following the steps below.

Genuine Microsoft Software Removal Guide:

  1. Restart your computer and keep the F8 key pressed continuously before Windows launches. This will display Windows Advanced Options Menu. Select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.
  2. Open RUN, type msconfig and press Enter. A window of Systems Configuration Utility will be opened. Disable all unwanted startup items and press OK.
  3. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to open Windows Task Manager. Under the Processes tab, find the Genuine Microsoft Software related virus processes, select and kill those processes by pressing End process.[random-text].exe
  4. Delete the files associated with The Genuine Microsoft Software virus by following the paths below.
    %appdata %\Local\[random]
    %appdata %\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\[random-text]
    %Temp%\[random-text]. bat
    %LocalAppData%\Genuine Microsoft Software virus\uninstall\Genuine Microsoft Software virus.lnk
  5. Open RUN, type regeditand then press Enter. Registry Editor will be opened. Navigate through the registry entries below and delete the associated registry entries created by The Genuine Microsoft Software virus.
    HKCU\Software\AppDataLow\Software\[ random-text]
    HKCU\Software\AppDataLow\Software\Genuine Microsoft Software virus\
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunHKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\[ random-text]
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableRegedit” = 0
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.exe\shell\open\command “(Default)” = ‘”%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\[ random-text].exe” /START “%1? %*’

By following the above steps, you will be able to completely remove The Genuine Microsoft Software virus from your computer. If you still experience issues, contact online Virus Removal services like Jupiter Support, who will guide you through the removal of the virus at a low cost of only $29.


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Genuine Microsoft Software Ransomware Removal Guide
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