Process of recovering data in hard drive crash

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An external hard drive is a handy gadget for professionals who deal with large volume data.  It also does provide safe custody to your important data, being a portable back up.  However, a hard drive also is not 100% data loss proof and may crash putting all your important data at risk of missing.  Similar situation can arise with a system hard drive.  There are some techniques which are handy and capable of recovering your data from the crashed hard drive.  Give it a try before panicking.

Number of factors can wreak havoc on your hard drive crash and subsequent data loss, software related issues being the easier one to resolve.  This generally happens accidently when you erroneously delete important folder and also empty recycle bin or format wrong drive in confusion etc.  And secondly there is other failure that occur commonly which is related to hardware itself.

Tackling hardware related defective issues of hard drive is no child’s play and you need an expert help here to recover your data, however, few techniques are there, which you can employ yourself.  These techniques though have a hint of risk. If you don’t manage to carry out these techniques properly, it may risk your data recovery chances.

There are many software which recover data from crashed hard drive, however, using those is at user’s discretion and we don’t recommend or disapprove any of it.

Common types of data loss symptoms

There are some particular symptoms which shows up in case of hard drive break down and help to identity defected part or component of hard drive:-

Drive not spinning at all – Mostly this problem originate due to problem in PCB, which is circuit of drive.  This problem can be fixed by replacing defected PCB, with a working PCB possibly from a damaged or used drive.

Drive spinning and making a clicking noise – If you are getting this symptom from your hard drive, it is clear that you have serious problem, as head of your hard drive has stopped working, or there may be chances of damages to the platter of hard drive as well.

Drive spinning and detected by system, but hanging while accessing – This implies that your hard drive magnetic media is not working properly.  After receiving and storing large data, it has created too many bad sectors, which your magnetic media is try to read but unable to do so and hanging.  You need a pro help to get this problem fixed.

Drive making a beep sound when powering on – This problem is also of mechanical nature.  Here head reposition itself incorrectly over the platter, where it got stuck and motor fail to spin the drive, which creates a beep sound.  This problem is called stiction.

These are some common symptoms which alarm you that it’s time to get expert help for recovering your important data, as your hard drive needs servicing.  You need to address pro help as soon as possible, in order to start recovery process at the earliest.

By following the above steps, you will be able to recover data in your computer. If you still experience issues, contact online Data Recovery services like Jupiter Support, who will guide you through these steps at a low cost of only $29.

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Process of recovering data in hard drive crash
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