Security Checklist for Windows 8

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Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (OS) undoubtedly are uncrowned kings in the field of operating system software.  Over the years, Windows has launched various versions and editions of its operating systems. Needless to mention, each one did even better than the previous.

While Windows thrived on its success, so did creators of adware, malware and viruses- with a basic objective of disrupting OS performance. This led Microsoft to practicing stark caution by developing inbuilt security software and tools to render better service to users.

Action Center

Action center manages the OS firewall, antimalware protection and auto installation of new PC updates.  Check the Action Center of your system to keep the OS firewall on, update the antimalware protection and set the installation of new PC updates to automatic.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a strong tool of the Windows OS that protects your system against spyware, virus and other malicious and potentially unwanted programs.  Windows Defender doesn’t let these unsolicited components download on your system without your permission.

Windows SmartScreen

Windows SmartScreen is a good associate of Windows OS and always warns users before the installation of unauthentic apps and files downloaded from the internet.

File History

File history saves your PC from threats.  If your system undergoes a hardware failure, you can still recover your files – images, music, documents etc. from the file history.  You must use the file history backup each time you download any file to your system.

User account control 

User account control keeps track of all the installations carried out in the OS.  If it detects a new installation component that may cause vulnerability to the OS, it notifies the user about the same.  Therefore, keep your user account control in “Ask for permission before PC installs software” mode.

Windows firewall

Windows firewall protects your PC from viruses, malicious software, and hackers.  Therefore, keep your Windows firewall on and keep these threats away from your Windows OS.

Windows update

Windows update detects new updates for OS and updates them automatically.  Always keep these Windows updates on in order to keep your system updated.

By using these inbuilt tools, you will be able to keep your Windows system protected and secure.  If you still experience issues, contact online Windows update support service like Jupiter Support, who will guide you through the steps of Windows updates at a low cost of only $29.


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Security Checklist for Windows 8
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