The Ultimate Guide to virus removal

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MyStart by IncrediBar is yet another browser hijacker that changes you browser’s start page and settings and redirects you to unwanted websites when you browse the internet. This adware is intertwined with malicious software installation programs. Once the program is installed, it changes your start page to “”, emulates the Google search engine and displays advertisements from online marketing.

The following steps will ensure the complete removal of “MyStart by IncrediBar” engine and settings.

Step 1. Uninstall “IncrediBar Toolbar on IE” from your Control panel.

1. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel.

Virus removal

2. Double click “Add or Remove Programs”

virus removal

3. In the program list, find and Remove/Uninstall these applications:

  • IncrediBar Toolbar on IE
  • IB Updater service
  • IB Updater

remote virus removal

Step 2. Remove “MyStart” and “IncrediBar” from your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox).

Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer and then “Internet Options”. This can also be found on IE’s file menu. Choose “Tools” > “Internet Options”.

internet explorer options

2. Click the “Advanced” tab.

Internet options -advanced

3. Choose “Reset”.


4. Click the check mark (to enable) the “Delete personal settings” box and choose “Reset”.

Step 3. Clean unwanted files and entries.

Use “CCleaner” program and proceed to clean your system from temporary internet files and invalid registry entries. 

delete personal

5. After the action is completed, press “Close” and then choose “OK” to exit Internet Explorer options.


6. Restart your browser and proceed to Step 3.

Google Chrome

Remove MyStart and IncrediBar from Google Chrome and restore browser settings.

1. Open Google chrome and go to chrome menu and choose “Settings”.

do you

2. Find the “On startup” section and choose “Set Pages”.

set pages

3. Delete the “MyStart by” from startup pages by pressing the “X” symbol on the right.

incredible bar

4. Select your preferredstartup page(e.g. http://www.jupitersupport.comand press “OK”.

start up pages

5. Go to the “Search” section and choose “Manage search engines”.


6. Select your preferred default search engine (e.g. Yahoo search) and press “Make default”.

search engines - default

7. Then choose the “MyStart Search” search engine and remove it by pressing the “X” symbol at the right. Choose “OK” to close “Search engines” window.


8. Choose “Extensions” on the left.

chrome settings

9. On the “Extensions” pane, remove the “IB Updater” entry by selecting the “recycle bin” icon on the same line.


10. Close all Google Chrome windows and proceed to Step 3.

Mozilla Firefox

 Remove MyStart and IncrediBar from Mozilla Firefox and restore browser settings.

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and go “Tools” > “Options”


2. On the “General” tab, go to “Home Page” settings and delete the “”homepage and type your preferred home page: e.g.

computer virus removal

3. Choose “Manage Add-ons”.

virus removal service

4. Choose “Manage Add-ons” manager, choose the “Extensions” options on the left and then remove any extension that belongs to “”.

fbi virus

5. After “” removal, press “restart now” to restart Firefox.


6. Once Firefox restarts, go to “Help” > “Troubleshooting Information” on the menu.


7. In “Troubleshooting Information” window, press “Reset Firefox” button to reset Firefox to its default state.

reset firefox

7. Press “OK” to close the “Manage Search Engine” window.

8. Close all Firefox windows and proceed to the next Step.

Step 3. Clean unwanted files and entries

 Use “CCleaner” program to clean your system from temporary internet files and invalid registry entries. 


By following the above steps, you will be able to completely remove Virus from your computer. If you still experience issues, contact online Virus Removal services like Jupiter Support, who will guide you through the removal of the virus at a low cost of only $29.


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The Ultimate Guide to virus removal
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