What is ‘Why Do I See This Page?’ Virus Removal Steps

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This infection is nothing but a browser hijacker that blocks popular websites by modifying Windows hosts files. It restricts access to websites like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, IMDB, eBay, MySpace and others.

When you log into or attempt to access any of the above websites, a pop-up displays requiring you to verify that you are human by completing a survey. After filling the survey, it gives you a method to access those pages.

The fake warning messages are:

We have noticed some unusual activity from you recently

To get Access to all of these pages again please verify that you are human

After completing a survey you will receive instructions how to access these pages again.

Why Do I See This Page Removal Guide

If you see something similar to the screen below as well as warning messages like those above, it is without a doubt that you are infected with the ‘Why Do I See This Page’ virus.

The survey attempts to collect your personal information like your name, phone number and address to lead you to paid services for financial gain.

The ‘Why Do I See This Page’ virus installs browser extensions and plugins into browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. By modifying the DNS settings, you cannot get access to any of the mentioned websites. In some cases, Trojans (Trojan.Dropper) also get installed on the victim’s computer.

The ‘Why Do I See This Page’ virus infection is a Trojan ransom which locks the computer and that cannot be removed by any antivirus software.

‘Why Do I See This Page’ Virus Removal Steps:

  1. Open your computer in the Administrator mode.
  2. Open the Control Panel and then Folder Options. Under View tab enable ‘Show hidden files’ and folders tab. Press ‘Apply’ and then OK.
  3. Now edit Windows Hosts file modified by ‘Why Do I See This Page?’
    • Open C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
    • Under ‘etc.’ folder, you can find a “hosts” file. Open it using Notepad or any text editor.
    • There should be only one line at the end of the file. That is127.0.0.1 localhost – Windows XP localhost ::1 – Windows Vista/7/8
    • If you find any other lines with domain names like facebook.com, google.com or the like, delete them and save the file.
  4. Delete the malicious extensions installed by the ‘Why Do I See This Page’ virus.
    Google Chrome:

    • Click on the Wrench icon.
    • Select Tools>Extensions
    • Delete the malicious extension installed by the ‘Why Do I See This Page?’ virus.
    • Delete all unwanted or unknown extensions.

    Internet Explorer:

    • Click on Tools>Manage Add-ons.
    • Under Toolbars and Extensions, delete unknown extensions and toolbars from the browser.

    Mozilla Firefox:

    • Click on Tools>Add-ons
    • Delete the unknown Extensions, Plugins and Toolbars which were not installed by you.

By following the above steps, you will be able to completely remove the ‘Why Do I See This Page?’ virus from your computer. If you still experience issues, contact online Virus Removal services like Jupiter Support, who will guide you through the removal of the

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What is ‘Why Do I See This Page?’ Virus Removal Steps
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